Bubble:   pamper   refresh   indulge
Pop:   impress   inspire   style
Electric:   lively   energized   beautiful

Our team will stop at nothing to provide you with the highest quality of service. We are dedicated to helping you capture the tranquility of serenity, the enhancement of your natural beauty, all while having fun and showcasing your personality through beauty.

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Are you looking for a renowned and reputed hair & nail salon in California Street, San Francisco? The Bubble Pop Electric Salon can meet your requirements. We are known to offer the best hair and nail services. We believe that a good haircut and hair color amplify your personality. And our hair color and haircut always make a statement.
Being the best salon in San Francisco, we have a team of talented hairstylists who can style your hair the way you want. Our hair and nail services are based on the principle that they should match your personality and occasion. At Bubble Pop Electric Beauty Salon, we offer end-to-end hair and nail care services. Our services can be divided into four broad categories: haircut, styling, color, and nails.



For First Time Color Clients, we ask that you call the salon at (415) 346-9864 to book your appointment to allow for the appropriate time. Thank you.

Chop it off (Haircut)

We are a popular choice for a unisex hair salon in San Francisco, and our haircut services have wide range. The hairstylists at our salon can pull off any haircut. Chopping off your beautiful locks, changing your hairstyle, and even trimming your hair to get rid of the split ends are big decisions to take. Unfortunately, you cannot attach your hair once it is chopped off. Hence, making the correct decision is crucial.
So, if you have a haircut in mind or want us to suggest a good haircut based on your face cut, our experts are always happy to assist you. The advice is based on the analysis of an expert hairstylist. Moreover, one doesn’t need to worry about getting a consultation because we offer a complimentary consultation. We understand how important hair is to people, so our hairstylist always gives honest reviews and consultations about your hair.

Style it Up (hairstyle)

Our team of hairstylists is well-equipped with all the necessary tools and knows how to make the best hairstyles for different occasions. Some of the popular hair styling choices are Mrs. Big Buff and Belle of the Ball. You can also book an appointment with us for a perfect hairstyle on your wedding day.
Bubble Pop Electric salon is the best choice for the best digital hair perm in San Francisco. Our expert hairstylists use high-quality hair care products to give you the “Perm Look” you dream about. Why search for “best permanent waves near me” when you can easily book an appointment at our salon for perm waves, keratin treatment, and bubble cuts in San Francisco, CA.

Tint it Up (hair color)

Do the names The Villain, Some like it Hot, Little Miss Sunshine, Madd Hatter, and Smooth Criminal excite you? If yes, then you need to visit the bubbles beauty salon in San Francisco. We get excited when we get challenging hair colors, be it the famous balayage or the unique bubblegum hairstyles. The Bubble Pop Electric Salon is also known as a Balayage Color Pop Salon on California Street.
Our doors are always open for people who want to experiment with their hair color. People love our color pop salon because our hair colors are designed to impress, express, inspire, and style. In addition, our team of hairstylists is pop-culture and keeps up with trends like pop pink, bubblegum colors, modern balayage, ombre, platinum, and grey. We use high-quality bubble hair salon products that suit your hair type. Some of the best hair products include the renowned Kevin Murphy haircare range.



We offer a range of non-toxic products and provide
high-end beauty service.

Polish it Up (Nails)

At the bubbles nail salon, we use a range of natural, non-toxic nail care products. Our nail services include manicure, pedicure, gel mani/Pedi, dipping overlay, acrylic sets, French tip, and nail repair. In addition, we pride ourselves on owning the cleanest nail workstations in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We were also awarded the “People love us on Yelp” award in 2017 Yelp for our quality services.
So, get your nail and hair done at the Bubble Pop Electric Salon, a natural salon in San Francisco, and enjoy the best services.

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Kindly provide 24 hours notice for cancellations.
Complimentary consultations.
Appointments and walk-ins welcome.

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